In 1998, Andrew Kelly and Bill Flynn left their conventional careers behind for greener pastures in Vermont. Some time later, almost on a whim and definitely on a shoestring budget, the two offered a small selection of paper Advent calendars drawn from European tradition. With the resounding success of those few Advent calendars, we quickly learned that our customers are longing for some simplicity in today’s complicated world and that many families are searching for holiday traditions to enjoy together.

Now years later, Vermont Christmas Company features lots of fun, interesting and often meaningful gifts to enjoy with your family while you prepare for and celebrate Christmas, and Halloween, and other special occasions too.

Our selection of Advent calendars has become truly enormous. In addition to traditional paper Advent calendars, we now offer chocolate Advent calendars, fabric Advent calendars, wooden Advent calendars and more. Folks who grew up with Advent calendars are passing the beloved tradition on to their children and grandchildren. So, if you haven’t already, bring this charming Old World tradition home to your family and create some treasured memories.

Beyond Advent calendars, we’ve come to offer many other specialty products including tasteful Advent wreaths, sets of Advent candles, Christmas cards from reverent to whimsical, as well as ever more jigsaw puzzles with Christmas and seasonal themes.

The new and very popular “Countdown to Halloween” calendars are wonderfully spooktacular, and each features 31 days of countdown fun for your family to enjoy together throughout the month of October.

Our products are available through this website, through our catalog, and at an increasing number of gift shops nationwide.

With great appreciation for the ongoing support of our loyal customers, Andrew, Bill and the growing team at Vermont Christmas Company wish you and your family health, happiness and, yes, a very merry Christmas too!

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